Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Uniformly Unique

Have you ever taken time out to figure out what makes you unique?  I mean truly unique, not just something that you've created in your world to "stand out" so to speak.  Something that just comes naturally that, without it, just wouldn't make you - you.
Growing up, I recall being so contrary because I wanted to be different and unique. If people went right I went left.  Somehow, there were about 100 other folks that had the same theory of being rebellious in order to be unique.  So I suppose we were all uniformly unique, which, in theory made us all the same lol.
I kinda gave all of that up.  and learned how to just be me and figure out what makes me...me.  I learned that I have a very nerdy attraction to words and I do things like read the dictionary and subscribe to the word of the day.  I have a passion for writing and it tends to just flow naturally and I love promoting stuff for others, but I wouldn't personally make a great sales person.  I'm glad I figured that last one out before I embarked on another direct sales venture that left me in the hole lol.  It can definitely work for some, just not me.
So I'm challenging my readers today...tell me something that makes you naturally unique and without those quirks you wouldn't be - you.  I will feature the top 3 responses in a blog at the end of this week.

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