Monday, January 21, 2013

So I had a fight with Yams...

Yeah you read it right.  I had a fight with yams and even though I eventually won, I was injured in battle.
Lets rewind shall we?  I'm not big on yams at all, but I like to make them for the holidays.  Anyway, I made a big pan, from scratch, for the holidays and they were jammin!  Oh yeah, I can get down in the kitchen when I want to.  My family raved about them and my mom had the bright idea of mashing up what was left and making pie with it.  So I figured I would take my same recipe and make some pies for Christmas.  Well, I got all the ingredients prepped on Christmas Eve and I went to work on peeling and cutting the yams so that I could boil and smash them.  I was on speaker phone talking to 'M' and cutting away.  I went to move a couple yams to a bowl and I saw blood on my finger.  I said "oh crap I think I cut my finger!" so I went to the sink and commenced to running water and I stuck my finger under it...[insert loud scream and obscenities here].  That's when I realized that I didn't just cut my finger, I cut the tip clean off!!! That's when the blood really started pouring out.  So I had to calm myself down and relax so that I could settle the bleeding.  Got some ice, napkins and sat on the couch.  I talked to 'M' and had him stop to get me some gauze n'stuff to bandage up my finger.
By the time he made it to me the bleeding had stopped for the most part.  So, time to bandage...Wait I'm sorry you want to pour peroxide and water on my finger?  Yeah......I felt like Steve Carell in "40 Year Old Virgin" when he was getting his chest waxed.  I was a real champ about the situation though.  I bit a pillow and made it through the ordeal.  I was bandaged and good to go.  'M' finished chopping the yams and put them on to boil for me.  I took over the process from there and made my pies dang it!  Success!!!!!
And we all live happily ever after...NOT!
My finger still hurts people!  Apparently they don't grow back overnight.  Oh and the lovely bandaging on my finger, it stuck to the top of it.  Sooooo when it was time to change it I had to hold my breath and yank it off.  That woke up my neighbors, maybe even the block.  My nerves are WIDE open and beyond sensitive.  There was no being a champ about that.  I eventually went to the ER to get a tetnus shot and have them look at it.  I got a sheet of non adhesive stuff to put on before the gauze so there was no more sticking.  I'm down to just a big band aid and a splint to keep me from bumping the tip.  Nonetheless, it's healing...what an ordeal!  Every time I got to cut something these days I have flash backs.  It's like a chef version of PTSD or something.
Anyway, my pies turned out great so I'm happy =).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Post Op & Random thoughts

So the last time I blogged I was preparing for surgery.  I promised to blog during my recovery, when I was up to it...yeah so didn't happen lol.  Good news is, I'm alive!  I was off work for a month and pretty much on house arrest except for doctor's appointments.  The surgery went well, I didn't wake up in the middle of it like I had nightmares about.  They didn't have to perform an emergency [insert long neurosurgeon word here] and shave part of my head.  AND I didn't wake up missing any organs...yep I watch WAY too much TV y'all.
I watch marathons of NCIS, Law & Order SVU, Dallas and the ID channel while I was off work so you can imagine where my mind is now!  Yeah that's right everyone is suspect and I write down the license plate of every weird looking man because he might have a body in his trunk.  Whatever, don't judge know you were thinking it.  I'm just bold enough to admit it; on the computer, where I can't see or hear others judge me...anyway...

I'm super excited, I started a blog on my website:  I have a few clients that I'm working with and things are really coming together for me.  I have been so blessed and am so blessed to be surrounded by people who cheer me on, believe in me and interceed on my behalf.  God is so good to me!  So come and check out my blog on there.  I only have one post right now, but it's a start and there are many more to come.  I'm still gonna keep my blog here and update sporadically - it matches my random personality - so keep loving me on both.

Okay total side note - I'm sitting in Starbucks and this horrible smell hit my nose.  Someone took their shoes off - true story and it is the raunchiest smell ever.  I couldn't not share this because I'm in disbelief that someone's feet can smell so badly.   
Dear smelly cat (only true "Friends" fans get that) over all the wonderful aromas in Starbucks your feet have ruined my therapeutic thoughts.  Please seek professional help for the smell.  Thanks!

Since I'm on the subject of Starbucks...the most interesting father and son just sat next to me and the dad is hilarious.  I'm listening to him and his teenage son have a conversation and they've totally drawn me in because I can't help but crack up at them.  Thank you kind strangers for taking my mind off of the stench.

Anyway, it's been real y'all.  More to come soon.  I promise I'll be a better blogger again =)