Monday, November 23, 2015

Flomotiontry - All In My Feelings

I'm all in my feelings and out of time to think...
think about what it means to submerge my devotion to only you...I'm in my feelings.
Like an out of body experience I watch my soul gravitate to yours and the Sparks that fly are extraordinary in an array of lights that can only be seen with a loving eye...all in my feelings.
The intimately intimate embrace of your comforting arms I've never felt is still so sensual and reassuring on an immeasurable level of pleasure and I'm all in...all in my feelings.
I'm all in my feelings as the gauntlet has been thrown, the challenge accepted and I'm running towards the my King...who has me all in my feelings.
Vulnerability is a badge of honor, naked, raw and open to you with trust that is an absolute must as I enter this phase of being all in rather than luke warm...I'm in my feelings.
At 212 degrees the boiling point of no return.
No cooling off...going full throttle...
all in...
my feelings.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Flowmotiontry - I Prayed for you

I prayed for you...I prayed that you would find me even though I didn't think you were really looking. 
I prayed for you...I prayed that you would embrace me not just in your arms but into the very depths of your soul. 
I prayed for you...I prayed that you knew God on a level that surpasses even your own understanding. 
I prayed for you...I prayed that you were searching for your modern day Ruth and that you would see her in me; not bae, not wifey, more than your girl...your King.
I prayed for you...I prayed for you on an unconditional level with all of me, more than I even prayed for myself...I prayed for you. As God prepared me, Ruth, for you...Boaz...I prayed for you. 
I prayed not for a superficial wedding or the perfect life...I prayed for a forever marriage as your Queen, partner, lover & wife. I prayed for you...not knowing if we would or will ever meet. 
I prayed for you...I prayed that you would one day sit on a throne next to me. I prayed for you...I prayed that we will walk by faith and not by sight so that when our spirits meet they will know and give our flesh a moment to catch up. 
I prayed for you...My Man of God, My Boaz, My King, My lover, my complimentary piece of everything...I sit still and continually will...Pray for you...
SYM ðŸ’—