Monday, November 23, 2015

Flomotiontry - All In My Feelings

I'm all in my feelings and out of time to think...
think about what it means to submerge my devotion to only you...I'm in my feelings.
Like an out of body experience I watch my soul gravitate to yours and the Sparks that fly are extraordinary in an array of lights that can only be seen with a loving eye...all in my feelings.
The intimately intimate embrace of your comforting arms I've never felt is still so sensual and reassuring on an immeasurable level of pleasure and I'm all in...all in my feelings.
I'm all in my feelings as the gauntlet has been thrown, the challenge accepted and I'm running towards the my King...who has me all in my feelings.
Vulnerability is a badge of honor, naked, raw and open to you with trust that is an absolute must as I enter this phase of being all in rather than luke warm...I'm in my feelings.
At 212 degrees the boiling point of no return.
No cooling off...going full throttle...
all in...
my feelings.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Flowmotiontry - I Prayed for you

I prayed for you...I prayed that you would find me even though I didn't think you were really looking. 
I prayed for you...I prayed that you would embrace me not just in your arms but into the very depths of your soul. 
I prayed for you...I prayed that you knew God on a level that surpasses even your own understanding. 
I prayed for you...I prayed that you were searching for your modern day Ruth and that you would see her in me; not bae, not wifey, more than your girl...your King.
I prayed for you...I prayed for you on an unconditional level with all of me, more than I even prayed for myself...I prayed for you. As God prepared me, Ruth, for you...Boaz...I prayed for you. 
I prayed not for a superficial wedding or the perfect life...I prayed for a forever marriage as your Queen, partner, lover & wife. I prayed for you...not knowing if we would or will ever meet. 
I prayed for you...I prayed that you would one day sit on a throne next to me. I prayed for you...I prayed that we will walk by faith and not by sight so that when our spirits meet they will know and give our flesh a moment to catch up. 
I prayed for you...My Man of God, My Boaz, My King, My lover, my complimentary piece of everything...I sit still and continually will...Pray for you...
SYM ðŸ’— 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Black History Month Day 2: What's in a "Negro"?

Nigger, Negro, Nigga...they all have the same back story and just because it comes out of the mouth of a black man or woman, it doesn't make it less offensive. In all actuality, it is more offensive coming from a black person's mouth because of the struggles that our ancestors endured to earn the right to be identified by more than the color of their skin. Ignorance and an absolute lack of respect for the root of black history is why so many Black people feel that it is "okay" for the word "nigga" to be thrown around amongst one another as if it were an everyday acceptable greeting. Black people are so concerned with being offended by others that we don't take into consideration the disrespect and offense that we blindly bring to one another. Knowledge is power and if we are educated on and really dig into how okay modern America is with throwing around forms of "nigger" we may take a different approach to what we see as acceptable, even amongst ourselves 

I chose not to replace the word "nigger" with the commonly quoted "N-word", that so many articles overuse, because it's a real word that offends real people and is still very alive today whether people chose to turn a blind eye to it or not. So let me open some eyes...

Negro Hollow, Negrohead Creek, Negro Spring, Dead Negro Draw, Little Negro Creek... just a few of the 757 cities nationwide that contain the word Negro. While there is a small percentage of these cities that have Spanish influence with a different connotation, the vast majority were cities that originally had the word "nigger" in its name and was later changed in the 60's to make them, seemingly, less offensive. 

In order to be more objective, even though this is Black History month, there are more than just cities offensive to Black America. On record, there are: 757 places with the word Negro in the name, 20 places with the word "Dago" (many more have been changed to Italian), 1,100 "Squaws", 30 "Chinamans", 8 "Injuns", 35 "Spooks", 14 "Sambos", 30 "Spades", and too many "Coons" to count. There are also at least 7 "Darkeys". Interestingly enough, what we didn't see listed or on record was any "peckerwood lakes". "Cracker creeks" or "Honkey Hills". Too offensive or unacceptable...possibly? 

I won't call it White America, but I will say a very Whitewashed America has allowed and made it okay to have recorded cities, such as those listed above and more, with little to no blow back because of a lack of knowledge and/or a lack of the desire for knowledge. The people choosing to fight for these things to be changed are all too often labeled as radicals and extremists. Because of the negative association with standing up for what is right ignorance becomes a safety net for those that don't want to be labeled  too ethnic.

There is so much more that I have to say on this subject, and trust me I will, but I will save that for a later date...Black history is more than a month. 

Knowledge is power and ignorance is not bliss, it is simply ignorance. The less you know, the more dangerously you walk through life. Educate yourselves.

"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today..." - Malcom X


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Black History Month Day 1: Cathy Williams The first and only female Buffalo Soldiers

I want to start Black History Month off on a positive and uplifting note. I am going to change it up this year and make this month of blogs both educational and little bit controversial. I hope to be as objective as I possibly can, but we shall see. 
A phenomenal woman indeed Ms. Cathy Williams was the first and only Buffalo Soldier. A poem about her life quotes:
"Cathy Williams became William Cathy
And no one was to know
The secret of her identity
As a soldier she did grow"
Cathy Williams was born into slavery in 1842 in Independence, MO. Shortly after the civil war broke out she was freed by Union soldiers and went on to work for the Federal Army as a paid servant. 
When Congress passed an act authorizing establishment of the first all Black units of the military, later known as the Buffalo Soldiers, Williams joined the Army. At that time women were not allowed to serve as soldiers so she posed as a man, calling herself William Cathy. At that time only a cursory medical exam was required and she was deemed fit for duty. 
It was recorded that Williams was admitted to 4 different hospitals on 5 occasions and it was never discovered that she was a female.
On July 13, 1868 Williams was diagnosed with neuralgia. It was during this hospitalization that her true identity was discovered. On October 14, 1868 Williams was discharged at Fort Bayard with a certificate of disability.
Williams spent time after that working various odd jobs and fighting to get her pension and disability. However, after various doctor's exams and investigations it was determined that no disability existed. Additionally, the wording on the discharge certificate noted that her "feeble condition" existed pre-enlistment so she was not eligible for it. Finally, since she was a female, her service in the Army was never legal and any type of pension and/or disability was denied. 
It is not known exactly when Williams died. She is believed to have passed away sometime between 1892 and 1900 as her name no longer appeared in the census rolls from 1900. 
And the poem of her life ends...
"A salute to Cathy Williams
The hero of this rhyme
A special woman of the west
A legend in her time"

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year New Blog!

Happy New Year!!! Well...I've transformed a few things and decided to go in a different direction with my blog.  I still may vent here from time to time, but I've wrapped it all up in one blog about my cooking adventures.  It turns out I had some hidden talent lol.  I have found a new passion for cooking and baking and I am just having so much fun. Anyway, please follow my new blog at and join in on my adventure.  I'll definitely be looking for guests and new recipes to feature and all tat fun stuff.  Thanks y'all!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

GUEST BLOG: AYSO Region Sweeps Child Endangerment under the rug

Hey All!  It's been a while since I've been on here.  I'm still writing, just on a different assignment right now.  Anyway, I came out of hiding for a guest blogger. I strongly feel this story is worth sharing. Bloggers, please feel free to share this and spin off your own story if you like. I have more contact information for you if you are interested in doing so.  Anyway, welcome Ms. Skylar Bond to my blog **Enter Applause here**

Hi everyone. I'm Skylar and I wanted to share a very serious issue that a concerned mother came to me with. Please read it in it's entirety and help her get her story heard to force some answers from AYSO. Thanks in advance for your support!

The American Youth Soccer Organization, better known as “AYSO”, has been a positive part of communities across the nation for years and is always improving upon its growing organization to develop confidence, sportsmanship and an all around camaraderie amongst youth.  So, when one hears about how one region is sweeping a child endangerment case under the rug; it really strikes a chord and is worth exposing because, that’s not what AYSO is all about right?
A concerned parent wrote this letter telling of an incident at her son’s game.
AYSO Board Members,
I write to you in seek of justice for an incident which occurred June 18, 2013 at approximately 1900 hours where a child was endangered on Newton Middle School soccer field during a friendly game between AYSO All Star team and Wolves club team.
Let me start by expressing the hurt I have with the referees, board members and parents on the field that day.  We all know soccer is an aggressive sport and aggression grows with age and levels. Nobody questioned why or how this led to the situation in which we’re in. They simply brushed it off or as a board member said to me “he started it” (name of member upon request). As you investigate what happened on this day, you will see that no child asked for any inhumanity from a parent.
I would like to inform you that I’ve reached out to the police department Lieutenant on duty the day and making sure my rights as a parent are heard and handled properly. The case was closed on the day of the incident because parents/ref’s and board members of AYSO claim they did not see Andre’s father strike my son. The case has been re-opened with the City of Industry Sheriff’s department. My intentions are to file child endangerment against Andres’ father.
Here is an explanation of what I seen and was told by witnesses from both sides. You may also do your own investigation. The game was great, boys from both teams showed aggressiveness. With soccer boys get agitated when an opponent takes the ball away. My son kept taking the ball away from Andres and each time he did Andres would kick my son in the back with what seems to my son as a gesture to trip him. He ignored Andres with the hopes a referee would notice or Andres would stop. By the time the 2nd half came around Andres successfully tripped by son. My son was agitated as well so he stood and shoved Andres telling him to stop. As Andres was approaching my son his father, Mr. Botello ran onto the soccer field pulling his son back and taking a swing at my son. My son was hit in the head, but thankfully the mid ref (a witness on this case) pulled my son from the full hit of Mr. Botello and luckily my son did not suffer any physical damage or knocked unconscious. He does suffer trauma from the fear he has towards Mr. Botello. Mr. Botello also cursed at my son calling him a f’en b(word) and cursed him in Spanish that nobody touches his son or he will kick his rear end (nicely put) Mr. Botello threatened my son.
I would like to know how you pursue this incident and actions taken upon Mr. Botello. As you review your records, you will see Mr. Botello coached my son Kenneth Carlos Kincaid at the ages of somewhere between 5-8 years old.  I do not see Mr. Botello fit to coach and hope you do not take his aggression lightly.
I do not feel his son Andres should suffer the consequences, as he is a child and cannot control his father’s aggression behavior. For other children’s safety Mr. Botello should not be allowed to attend any games as well as coach. He is an endangerment to children.
With all due respect, please provide a response within 24 hours of this email so I do not take this matter to a higher department. (Regional/or lawsuit)
If you have any question you may reach me on my cell
Dated: June 19, 2013”
After reading the letter, Region 23 commissioner David Skalsky responded that the matter was being deferred to the Legal department because of the “threat of a lawsuit”.  He then proceeded to say he spoke with one of the officers on the case.  The concerned mother gave an incorrect name of one of the officer’s and that’s the one that the commissioner claims to have spoken to.  Secondly, he called the coach that was not at the game the weekend the incident took place and reported back that the “coach didn’t see anything”.  Well of course he didn’t because he wasn’t there. 
The mother of the young boy that was struck said “I have a case open with the police department that is on hold. I talked to the officer for a while and I don’t want to ruin the man’s life or take him away from his children. I’m trying to be forgiving, but it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t believe he is fit to coach other people’s children. If he can openly lose it like that, then it’s not an isolated incident. To me, both boys are victims in this.
AYSO has a fantastic program that was implemented called Safe Haven®.  The program is designed to address the growing need for Child and Volunteer Protection in youth sports. The components of the program help create a safe, fun, fair and positive environment - “safe haven” - for all participants.” It goes on to mention safety and injury prevention, child welfare, child safety, etc.  After jumping on the field during a game (which is not allowed) and hitting a child in the head (pretty sure that’s against the rules as well); it would seem that the mission statement of the Safe Haven program was violated on a few levels.
AYSO prides itself on being accredited by the NCACE (National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education).  There are 8 coaching standards and benchmarks listed on the NCACE site as an example for organizations to found their coaching standards on.  Domain number four is Growth and Development and one of the sub statements under it says “Teach and encourage athletes to take responsibility for their actions in adhering to team rules.” How can a coach teach something like that when he himself has not taken responsibility for what he has done, nor has anyone made him?  It may also be a safe assumption that the Positive Coaching Alliance, which is also one of AYSO’s partners would not be on board with his behavior either.

Should the boys have been so aggressive with one another? No.  Should they have both been carded for tripping and shoving one another?  Absolutely!  Should a grown man jump on the field to fight his son’s battle?  You consider if it were your child on the receiving end of it and answer that for yourself.  This could have gotten way out of hand had the mother chose to get involved physically or went for reinforcement to “settle” the score.  Instead, she went to the proper channels to plead for fair justice without any more violence or confrontation.  Instead she has received a brush off and is being treated like a parent overreacting.  Meanwhile, there’s a guy who hit a child in the head that still gets to coach other people’s children.   What happens if he loses his temper during practice?  Boys on the same team get aggressive against one another and may get physical in the heat of the moment; will he fight another one of his son’s battles?  Will he give a child a concussion next time around?  Is Mr. Skalsky going to brush that off as well?  A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.