Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Do it her-self: Grow your own herb garden

< alt = vertical garden completed >
So I've never considered myself to have a green thumb; on the contrary I have a black thumb, the thumb of death lol.  I am a horrible gardener.  I think I lack the patience for it because I want it to blossom the next day and I get tired of watching it.  Anyway, I recently did the "Do it herself clinic" at Home Depot on learning how to grow your own herb garden. Low and behold, I learned something AND I even enjoyed it!  So I'm on a herb growing mission.

The lady who taught the clinic was such a sweetheart and she was so passionate about what she did.  Her name is Deanna and if you go into the Anaheim HD Store, I guarantee she will give you some expert advice  I just know she has a gorgeous garden at her home.  There are some really easy steps to creating your own at home herb garden.  My major obstacle, wasn't an issue at all.  We live in a townhouse, the backyard is minimal and I'd rather not plant in the ground since it's mostly concrete over there. Anyway, this is the perfect project for all of those issues!

I'm working on a tea garden, I am growing several different types of mints and plan to start making my own infused teas.  I can't wait for everything to come together!  Thanks Deanna for the inspiration! 

Here’s what you’ll need:
Step 1: Spray the stirrers with a color of your choice. You can use also use any acrylic house  paint you’ve got lying around. 
Step 2: Stencil the names of the herbs on to the stirrers. 

Step 3: Pot your herbs in the plastic pots with potting soil 
Step 4: Make sure your herb markers are in place.
herb plants on apartment balcony  
Step 5: Grab some “S” hooks.
Step 6: Position two “S” hooks under the lip of a pot, about 1½ inches apart.  Clip onto the lattice frame, which should be positioned in the well-lit area where you’d like your herbs.
pot hooked on to trellis 
Step 7: Continue until you’ve finished all of the pots. Give your new garden a watering.


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  2. Go 'head Sister-in-law! That's awesome! I love it. I'm growing some basil now cuz its my fave. I'm so gonna do this!!

    1. Thanks!!!! Let me know how the Basil goes! I'm gonna start getting stuff together to update the mint garden :)