Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fabulous Blog Ribbon

Here's the rules:

1.  Post the rules on your blog
2.  Name 5 of your most fabulous moments either in real life or in the blogosphere
3.  Name 5 things you love
4.  Name 5 things you hate
5.  Pass the ribbon on to 5 other bloggers

2.  Name 5 of your most fabulous moments either in real life or in the blogosphere
      Fabulous moment number five happened when I was 17.  The Monday after my junior prom. My hair was still all "done up" from prom the prior weekend and I had a track meet.  Since my hair was all pinned up I didn't do anything to it, I just went out all cute in my track gear.  That day our girls 4x1 team (I ran 3rd leg) shattered the school record, dusted our opponents and my personal split time was not only top for that day, but I set a new school record! AND I  was featured in the paper the next day; pretty picture and all lol.  Yeah I still have a copy of that paper. That was so awesome!  And I still hold that record 11 years later ;).
     Fabulous moment number four & three happened when I was 19.  My pastor and a couple of members from my church were going on a missionary trip to the Philippines.  Up to that point I'd never been on a plane as an adult and I was too young to remember flying as a child.  I was terrified of flying.  My pastor dared me to go and asked my mom if she would help me get the funds since I wasn't working at the time. The next Sunday at church, Pastor announced that they were going to help me raise funds to go on the trip and after church people started coming up to me giving me money for my trip.  It was the first time in my life I really felt the Holy Spirit move in me and it was such an amazing feeling. I went on the trip and it was an eye opening and phenomenal experience. I had the opportunity to minister to youth and explore the country. It was life changing and humbling.  That's why it deserves two spots!
     Fabulous moment number two was recently when I had my first article published in the paper and officially became a published freelance reporter!  So awesome to see your name in print!
     Fabulous moment number one happened a few months ago and calling it fabulous is an understatement. I rededicated my life to Christ and was baptized shortly after I turned 30 and it has been such an amazing journey: into my thirties, into a new outlook of revelation and understanding, getting to know me, embracing me and what God has in store for me.  I am truly loving every minute of it!

3.  Name 5 things you love
I love God
I love my Family (*My Fiance is included in family)
I love Me :)
I love Soccer!

4.  Name 5 things you hate
I hate all that is evil
I hate to be told that I am not capable of doing something
I hate to let people down
I hate being criticized for being myself

5.  Pass the ribbon on to 5 other bloggers
 Passing this along no particular order

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