Friday, September 14, 2012

Confessions of a Chubby Chick: Entry 2 **Fat Girl Friday**

Yeah you heard it here first folks!  Fat girl Friday is in full effect.  Here's the way I see things, if I deprive myself of foods that I really want all I'm going to do is focus more on the fact that I can't have them.  Kinda like when you don't have to pee and then you find out the bathroom is closed for cleaning and now all of a sudden you have to go...yeah its like that lol.  ANYWAY, I dubbed my Friday's "Fat Girl Friday" because that is my veg out day and I eat what I wanna :).  I generally still eat in moderation of course (a little junk food at a time every hour on the hour) but I enjoy every pound of it.  So far I'm about 5lbs down...I'm not sure about the inches, but I do know my jean capris are hugging me nicely today (oh yeah I said it)!  And the tights that I wear - because I often hate having to wear real pants - are not so tight anymore.  I'm getting fat girl slim.  You know that awkward stage between "Oh wow you're really fat" and "Oh wow you're still chunky but it's toning out" yeah I'm there. 
I was in the break room the other day and a co-worker/friend of mine was talking about the weight that I lost.  I said to her that I was looking at a few old pics of myself and it was nice to see a difference.  She said "yeah girl I were fat!  I mean your stomach was really big..." okay you  can stop now.  Gotta love friends...she means well and we know eachother enough for me not to want to bit her head off for it was funny to me. 
Seriously though, I love having friends around me that will tell me the truth.  If you are a chubby girl you know for a fact you should wear certain things and so do your friends.  Like if I try to go out on a mid drift, I want my friends to clothes line stop me and ask me what the heck I'm thinking lol.  It's cool to have confidence, but please have some sense along with that confidence honey! 
So all I basically wanted to say in this post is that it's important not to start and completely deprive yourself of things because it is a sure fire set up for failure, in my opinion.  Do it in moderation, don't go overboard but enjoy life even as you work towards getting healthy.  Life will go on if you have a bit of that snickers.  Even in my quest to drink nothing but water, I'll take a sip of 'M's' punch or Kool-Aid every now and then so that I'm not tempted to go crazy with it.  Mine is pasta and ice cream.  What is your guilty pleasure?  Happy dieting lifesyle changing and Happy Friday Friends :)


  1. Love it! Depriving yourself is the easiest way to fail in weight loss - even though making small changes makes weight loss go slower, it's more likely to stay off!! :-D

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca! Exactly...that's how I see it! :D