Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Southern Homemade Banana Pudding

So I decided to make some banana pudding from scratch and I was completely impressed with my outcome :).  My guy is a chef and can be a bit of a food critic so when I get something with his "stamp of approval" and he goes for seconds and thirds, I know "baby done good!"  I looked up a recipe and made my own tweaks to it, so I though I would share it here.  If you try it, or plan to try it leave a comment and let me know.  If you're happy with the outcome please share my blog - pin it, stumble, tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc (anything I missed lol).  Here we go...

  • Sugar - 1/2 Cup & 1/4 Cup separated
  • Flour - 1/3 Cup
  • Salt - A Dash
  • 3 Egg Yolks - Separate the white/yolk *you'll need the whites later*
  • Whole Milk - 3 cups *Whole milk is important* if you use anything other than, see my alteration notes below
  • Pure Vanilla - 2 overflowing tsp.
  • Brown Sugar -  Handful
  • Molasses - Dash *Optional
  • Cream of Tartar - 1 tsp *Optional
  • Box of Nilla Wafers - Regular or mini
  • Bananas - 6 or 7
Step 1: If you have a double boiler pull it out.  I just used two pots, of course one needs to not fit completely into the other.  Or a pot and a Pyrex bowl - you get the idea. Once the water starts to boil mix the Sugar(1/2 cup), Salt, Flour, Eggs & Milk into the top pot.  Stir constantly until custard begins to thicken.  Make sure there are no lumps.  Should look smooth.
  • Note: if you are using anything other than whole milk, add additional flour to help thicken up the custard.  About an additional 1/4 cup.  Sprinkle in a little more to satisfaction as custard starts to thicken.  Also add additional sugar to balance.  About another 1/3 cup here.  

Step 2: Once the custard has thickened whisk in the brown sugar and molasses. Mix in well and remove from heat then whisk in the vanilla.

Step 3: Let it sit on the stove for about 10 minutes and then put it in the refrigerator to cool and thicken some more.   *I used 1% milk last time and because my guy likes think custard I let it sit in the fridge overnight*

Step 4: Once the custard is cooled and thickened to preference, pull it out of the fridge and get your bowl or pan that you will put it in.  *Make sure it's an oven safe dish*
  • I like to do mine in a glass bowl so you can see my pretty layers, but this time I did it in a foil pan because I was making a few pans of it and it was more convenient.  
Step 5: Line your dish with Nilla Wafers; the bottom and around the edge with the round part facing outward.  Then add a layer of bananas (not too thinly sliced).  Next, add a layer of pudding.  How think or thin you make it is entirely up to you!

Step 6: Repeat Step 5 until dish is full.  *Note* You don't have to layer, some folks just like to dump the cookies and bananas in the bowl along with the pudding and mix it accordingly.  Chef's choice.  The layers are mainly for presentation.  Nothing like a pretty dish :)

~ ~ Prepping for Meringue ~ ~
*Tip* - Put your mixing bowl and the mixers (for hand blender) in the freezer until you're ready to make the meringue. It helps the egg whites not stick

Step 1: Remember the egg whites from earlier (make sure they're at room temperature) and pur them into the mixing bowl.

Step 2: Using a hand blender; mix the eggs until the become nice and frothy

Step 3: Keep mixing, we're almost ready for the sugar.

Step 4: Once you start to see peaks, we're ready to start adding the 1/4 cup of sugar a little at a time.

Step 5: Keep mixing as you add the sugar then add the cream of tartar *optional*.  I don't always add it to my meringue. It all depends on how thick you want it.  My guys isn't big on it on top of banana pudding so it's a preference thing.  Anyway keep mixing until the meringue thickens and you see peaks.  At this point, you should be able to turn the bowl upside down and nothing will fall out.  All done!
  • *Note* Wait until the pudding is complete to start on the meringue.  Otherwise it gets all watery in the bowl just sitting. 
Finally: Scoop the meringue on top of the pudding then place it in the oven for just a few minutes.  All we want to do is brown the peaks - not burn them.  Keep a close watch.  Then opull it out of the oven and enjoy!

Don't forget - If you try it, or plan to try it leave a comment and let me know.  If you're happy with the outcome please share my blog - pin it, stumble, tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc (anything I missed lol).


  1. I LOVE Banana Pudding! I have been on a no sugar/clean eating diet though...oh this is so tempting! Thanks for stopping by www.RealSouthernLiving.com:)

    1. I went on a diet like that for about 3 months and did really well. A splurge now and again is worth it though ;). Let me know if you give in and make some pudding! Enjoy :)

  2. This recipe got me excited until I realized it had meringue... yuk! LOL
    Thanks so much for stopping by Between Two Rams!

    1. @Nicole...lol the meringue is optional girl. I made it without the first time around and my honey prefers it that way too so I feel you there! Thanks for stopping by :)