Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shut up already!

So okay, I have self diagnosed myself with talking way too much.  I mean I talk a lot...I really have a motor mouth sometimes and I can't control it.  Sometimes I'm talking and my innerself - who is, coincidentally, also talking - is telling me to shut the hell up already but I can't I just keep going.  And man oh man after a few bottles glasses of wine...there's really no stopping me then.  I told M last night that its a disease and he can't get mad at me for it because I can't control it...HA!

I know I get on his nerves sometimes.  I'm not quite sure what it is about the urge to talk about the most random things in the middle of a show that he's really into.  I guess I just have more to say than I can fathom and sometimes it's busting at the seams like a five year old and hard to contain.  If I'm in the middle of a passionate discussion I have such a hard time concentrating because I'm playing word double dutch, I'm mentally waiting on the right moment to jump in and just flow...freakin weirdo.  What is my problem!

Then there's the sleeping issue.  My inner voice is a bit of a chatty cathy too so when I lay down to sleep my inner me goes to town with all sorts of thoughts that apparently I haven't gotten out ALL day.  Between my blogs, social media groups, co-workers, BFF, mom and M I should be a mute by the end of the day but the cycle never ends.  Not only do I not shut up when I lay down but my inner me is so loud.  Sometimes I think M is going to tell me to quite down because I'm thinking too loud.  It's really weird, when inner chick shuts up it gets so quiet its almost eerie. 

I couldn't wait to get up this morning and punch out this post because that's what I loudly though about last night when I was in bed unable to sleep because my mind won't shut up.  I'm going to prepare for bed this evening with a bottle of wine and a xanyx a glass of warm milk and an asprin :)

What's a habit of yours that even annoys you...but you wouldn't be you without it?

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