Friday, August 10, 2012

Nose Candy

So we all get these invitations "I just started a super fun business come to my party and check out what I have to offer - no pressure to buy (until I pressure you) and it will be SUPER fun..." *insert gag here*
Well I got one of those a couple years ago for a party selling wickless candles; of course I went to support because it was my sister and my bestie, my "Main Damie" (if you've ever seen Pootie Tang you'd understand...otherwise just trust me on that)!  I even went early to help set up and help her get all prepped for the big debut.  *Gasp* I even had fun at the party!
If you've never heard of it, the wickless candles use a highly fragrant wax bars that are warmed by a slow watt house bulb.  The bulb slowly melts the candle bar and starts to fill you home, office or wherever you place it with a lovely aroma of you choice.  The wax is melted in on of the many fashionable warmers that are available.  It's a great addition to any home or office and blends in wonderfully!  So now that I'm finished with my infomercial...I'll tell you how I really feel...
I am a fan, I have a plug in warmer that I love and I am planning on getting a full size warmer soon.  I have a four year old busy body who has already put the safety claim to the test.  It's plugged in the bathroom, of course she can't resist the urge to stick her fingers in the wax, *insert scream* not a scream of "ouch I burned myself;" it was a scream of "it won't come off and now I'm in trouble!"  The wax instantly cools and hardens when it is touched or spilled.  So aside from having to peel wax off of her fingers, there was no harm done!  I also love that if we forget to turn the warmer off before leaving home, I'm not stressing out every five minutes wondering if my house burned down.  I mentioned that I went to the party a couple years back right?  Well I bought my plug in warmer then and a couple of small candle bars to go with it.  For the first year I had that thing on every day, then sporadically after that.  I just ran out of wax about 3 months ago.  You can pour unused wax back into the containers and preserve it that way.  It's pretty awesome!  The only not so wonderful thing that I would say is that they do plug in, so you are somewhat limited to where you can place them, unless you extension cord it.  Nonetheless, I've found that everywhere I want to put a candle, there's a plug close enough to make it work so it's all good!
You can always visit the website to see more selections, but, here are a few of my favorites:
  • Me being an LSU fan, I love this one; but there are over 80 schools, featured in the "Campus Collection," to choose from:

  • I'm a military supporter. My fiance is a former Marine so, again, I'm a little biased here lol:

  • These two I LOVE...The "Libson" and the "Chateau" warmers.  Libson is a full size and Chateau is a mid-size but they are equally gorgeous in my book!:

  • These are so cute for any little girls bedroom.  I couldn't decide which one I like best. They are both part of the "Premium Mid-Size Collection:" 
    Last but not least...I love this simple plug in.  This is the exact warmer that I have in my bathroom:
    Oh and I have to mention these cute Scent Buddies...they are great for the little ones.  It's a scent pack that is inserted into a stuffed animal and it's pretty awesome!  This is Mollie Monkey:


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