Tuesday, July 31, 2012

WRITING PROMPT: I'm a natural

I recently started following the blog of a lady by the name of MamaKat.  She has these weekly writing prompts that are pretty awesome.  Anyway, this is my first stab at it.  The prompt I chose was to describe something that comes easy to me.  I read all the questions and my brain kept gravitating back to that question.

Writing.  Writing comes easy to me.  It has been my passion, my gift, my talent, my happy place since I was little.  As I got older and I rededicated my life to Christ, I realized writing is my ministry...it is how God has called me to minister to others.  When I'm given the task of introducing myself anywhere, I would always say that I love to talk and I love to be the center of attention.  As I've gotten to really know who I am, I realize, that's not me at all! I do love to chat with my close friends, I do not like being the center of attention if it involves me speaking, but I would love to be applauded for my writing; while someone else with dynamic speaking skills read it aloud to a crowd. 

When I write I go into a deep zone and I see nothing but my thoughts.  I hear myself as I'm typing, I feel the excitement with every keystroke and my blood rises along with the climax of my speech or story, regardless of what I am writing at the time I always reach a climax.  I know no other way to describe it than to compare it with intimacy.  Anyone can write, just like anyone can have sex.  But it takes true passion, chemistry, and connection to get involved in your writing.  It's an art for the mind.  I can read a book and feel like I just watched a movie and I enjoy writing in a manner that allows my words to come alive and jump off the page when appropriate.  I desire to make the most boring literature something that readers look forward to.  Like a runner preparing for a race, as I prepare I zone out and focus on the objective; getting to the finish line ahead of everyone else.  I lose all send of my surroundings and encompass myself in a cloud of thoughts,words and objectives.  Before I know it I have a screen full of words that was guided my my over excited subconscious.   I go back and read and edit, of course,but sometimes I cannot  believe that it was me writing. 

I've recently began writing for a local newspaper and it has been the most amazing experience ever!  I get stories written within 30 minutes and my editor has given me great compliments.  Writing has been my passion and I thank God that He has brought my passion and talent full circle!

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