Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pleasantly UN- Surprised!

I'm not sure why I always punish myself but I suppose I can't help it.  I love to do nice things for people and surprise them with things that they love...a special package popping up is always a good feeling right?  WRONG!  There are certain people that I can't do this with because if I slip and indicate that something is coming, and I don't want to say what it turns into a fight and then I feel stupid for even sending anything in the first place, but I'm somehow always the bad person in the situation.  Yes it pisses me off that I have to give up the element of surprise, can't you freaking bend just a little?  Whatever I digress, I spent $30 on a sweet care package that I'm really ticked off about now.  Not like I can turn it around or anything, but whatever I punish myself and should really know better...I'm just wrong for liking to surprise folks.  It's not like it's a surprise that is going to hurt them in life or effect anything significant really.  I think it's a lack of control that they can't handle.  If you're one of those people, please give me some insight as to why you can't handle being surprised? What the heck are you afraid of?  My inquiring mind is dying to know...

Do share!


  1. I usually love being surprised! I do remember a time I was less than happy about it though. When I was pregnant with our first son we lived in FL. My MIL, in PA, wanted to be more involved and I completely understand that. To make up for not being closer, she bought a lot of stuff and shipped it to us. This included the crib, which was FANTASTIC! It also included all of the bedding and room decor. She didn't want to know the gender, so she picked giraffes as our theme. And yes, I was really angry! It was my first baby, and *I* knew we were having a boy, and I kind of hate yellow baby stuff. It's so unimaginative!
    That's really the only time I can say I wasn't happy to be surprised.

    1. Oh wow! I can definitely feel you there. I have no bio kids just my step kids. I know when I have my first baby I'm going to be super picky about a thing or two lol. I LOVE surprises, but decor surprises, not so fond of :)