Monday, August 20, 2012

Iron Therapy

So it's been a few days since my last post, I've been under the weather.  I have chronic sinusitis and this was the worst episode that I have ever been through.  My face was swollen and in "slap anyone around you" pain! I've been on cloud 9 pain meds for a week and antibiotics and all the usual suspects.  So I did a lot of sleeping and being bored at home.  I had no energy and everytime I went for the computer my head started throbbing so I had to hold off on blogging for a while.  It was driving me nuts!  Then set in the insomnia!  Try being drained and exhaused because of one medication and restless because of another.  My body was having a gang war inside...the jury is still out on who won. 


While M was at work and I was home sitting...I decided to be a OC house wife for a few days and do as much as I could, being that I was in vicodin heaven on pain meds.  So I cleaned and cooked dinner and did laundry - not that I don't do those things anyway, but I did them consistently and in the same day lol.  I found that my most relaxing times came when I put on a show I wanted to watch and started ironing M's shirts for work.  Not only did it make him happy but I actually enjoyed it.  I don't know if it will wear off with the medication, but I've really found some theraputic time in ironing.  I think I may just do that more often.  We'll see.  Anyway...happy to be back!

What things do you find theraputic and relaxing, that others may look at you crazy for?

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